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Playoff Master Schedule

Playoffs will start on March 12, 2014
Championship Weekend will be March 29&30, 2014

Always check with your coach or manager for game changes and most up to date schedules.
Questions for the Scheduler can be sent to

U8 Bunny U10 Novice U12 Petite U14 Tween U16/U19/18+A/B Open C
  U10 Green Pool U12 White Pool U14 Pink Pool U16 Pool Open C Pool A
  U10 Yellow Pool U12 Black Pool U14 Purple Pool U19 Pool Open C Pool B
        Open A Pool  
# Date Time End Division Rink Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
2001Wed, Mar. 1218:0018:55U10 (Novice)HamiltonU10 Lightning2Angels4
2002Wed, Mar. 1218:5519:50U10 (Novice)HamiltonForce9Ravens9
2003Wed, Mar. 1220:0521:00Pool 5HamiltonBooya4Cyclones5
2004Wed, Mar. 1221:0022:00Pool 5HamiltonBlades5U19 Phantoms7
2005Wed, Mar. 1218:3019:30U8 (Bunny)KinsmenIce MonstersThumpers
2006Wed, Mar. 1219:4520:45U12 (Petite)KinsmenRampage3Vipers2
2007Wed, Mar. 1221:0022:00U14 (Tween)KinsmenU14 Extreme4Rebels1
2008Thu, Mar. 1317:4518:40U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 4HornetsBP Blasters
2009Thu, Mar. 1318:4019:35U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 4Ice PiratesIce Monsters
2010Thu, Mar. 1319:5020:45Pool 5Co-op # 4Kaos5Blades3
2011Thu, Mar. 1321:0022:00Open CCo-op # 4Blitz5Valkyries1
2012Thu, Mar. 1318:1519:15U8 (Bunny)Pilot ButteBP Zombie GirlsBlaze
2013Thu, Mar. 1319:1520:15U10 (Novice)Pilot ButteBP Black Phantoms11Chaos4
2016Fri, Mar. 1419:4520:45Open CKinsmen18+ Extreme9Raiders2
2017Fri, Mar. 1421:0022:00Pool 5KinsmenJetts2Diggers1
2018Sat, Mar. 158:009:00U10 (Novice)HamiltonRavens8Chaos8
2019Sat, Mar. 159:1510:20U12 (Petite)HamiltonCrusherss2BP Black Phantoms9
2020Sat, Mar. 1510:3511:40U14 (Tween)HamiltonInferno4BP Black Phantoms5
2021Sat, Mar. 1511:5513:00Pool 5HamiltonU19A Ript2Hellraisers6
2022Sat, Mar. 15 13:1514:10U8 (Bunny)MahonStarsHornets
2023Sat, Mar. 1514:1015:05U10 (Novice)MahonAngels6BP Red Phantoms9
2024Sat, Mar. 1515:2016:15U14 (Tween)MahonRebels7U14 Edge5
2025Sat, Mar. 1516:1517:10Open CMahonShooters13Misfits7
2026Sat, Mar. 1517:2518:30Pool 5MahonBlackouts1Jetts4
2028Sun, Mar. 1613:3014:25U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 5Rocket GirlsBP Lightning
2029Sun, Mar. 1614:2515:20U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 5ThumpersBP Divas
2030Sun, Mar. 1615:3516:30U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 5StarsBlaze
2033Sun, Mar. 1614:4015:35U14 (Tween)Co-op # 4U14 Extreme5Rebels5
2034Sun, Mar. 1615:5016:45Open CCo-op # 4Shooters918+ Extreme7
2035Sun, Mar. 1616:4517:45Pool 5Co-op # 418+ EdgeU19A Ript
2036Sun, Mar. 168:009:00U10 (Novice)MahonForce13Chaos8
2037Sun, Mar. 169:1510:20U10 (Novice)MahonBP Red Phantoms10U10 Lightning3
2038Sun, Mar. 1610:3511:40U12 (Petite)MahonSabotage7Vipers6
2039Sun, Mar. 1611:5513:00Pool 5MahonDiggers3Blackouts10
2042Sun, Mar. 1610:3511:40U10 (Novice)KinsmenRavens6BP Black Phantoms7
2043Sun, Mar. 1611:5513:00U12 (Petite)KinsmenRings of Fire1Crusherss1
2044Sun, Mar. 1615:4516:45U8 (Bunny)Emerald ParkBP BlastersIce Monsters
2045Sun, Mar. 1616:4517:45U12 (Petite)Emerald ParkBP Red Phantoms7Rampage5
2046Sun, Mar. 1618:0019:00U14 (Tween)Emerald ParkBP Red Phantoms3Inferno3
2047Sun, Mar. 1619:0020:00Pool 5Emerald ParkU16 Phantoms5U14A Ringers4
2048Sun, Mar. 1620:1521:15Pool 5Emerald ParkHellraisers6U16A Impact3
2049Mon, Mar. 1719:1520:15U14 (Tween)Pilot ButteBP Black Phantoms6BP Red Phantoms0
2050Mon, Mar. 1720:1521:15Pool 5Pilot ButteU19 Phantoms7Kaos2
2051Mon, Mar. 1721:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries3Pumas3
2052Tue, Mar. 1817:4518:40U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 4Rocket GirlsBP Divas
2053Tue, Mar. 1818:4019:35U14 (Tween)Co-op # 4U14 Edge3U14 Extreme6
2054Tue, Mar. 1819:5020:45Open CCo-op # 4Pumas4Blitz3
2055Tue, Mar. 1821:0022:00Pool 5Co-op # 4Blackouts9Diggers2
2056Tue, Mar. 1818:0018:55U10 (Novice)Co-op # 3Angels6BP Red Phantoms6
2057Tue, Mar. 1818:5519:50Pool 5Co-op # 3Whip7U16 Phantoms5
2058Tue, Mar. 1820:0521:00Pool 5Co-op # 3U14A Ringers3Cyclones3
2059Tue, Mar. 1821:0022:00Open CCo-op # 3Misfits7Raiders2
2060Tue, Mar. 1818:1519:15U12 (Petite)BalgonieBP Black Phantoms5Lunastix1
2061Tue, Mar. 1819:1520:15U14 (Tween)BalgonieBP Black Phantoms2Inferno3
2062Wed, Mar. 1918:0018:55U12 (Petite)HamiltonVipers8BP Red Phantoms7
2063Wed, Mar. 1918:5519:50Pool 5HamiltonU14A Ringers3Booya1
2064Wed, Mar. 1920:0521:00Pool 5HamiltonU16A Impact218+ Edge3
2065Wed, Mar. 1921:0022:00Pool 5HamiltonJetts1Blackouts2
2066Thu, Mar. 2017:4518:40U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 4Ice PiratesBP Blasters
2067Thu, Mar. 2018:4019:35U12 (Petite)Co-op # 4Lunastix9Crusherss4
2068Thu, Mar. 2019:5020:45Pool 5Co-op # 4Booya3Whip2
2069Thu, Mar. 2021:0022:00Pool 5Co-op # 4Diggers2Jetts9
2070Thu, Mar. 2018:1519:15U10 (Novice)Pilot ButteBP Red Phantoms8U10 Lightning3
2071Thu, Mar. 2019:1520:15U14 (Tween)Pilot ButteBP Red Phantoms3BP Black Phantoms2
2072Fri, Mar. 2117:4518:40U8 (Bunny)StaplesThumpersBP Lightning
2073Fri, Mar. 2118:4019:35U12 (Petite)StaplesLunastix9Rings of Fire2
2074Fri, Mar. 2119:5020:45Pool 5StaplesCyclones1U16 Phantoms3
2075Fri, Mar. 2121:0022:00Pool 5StaplesKaos3Blades3
2078Sat, Mar. 2210:3511:40Pool 5HamiltonWhip4U14A Ringers2
2079Sat, Mar. 2211:5513:00Open CHamiltonPumas2Blitz4
2080Sat, Mar. 2213:1514:15U12 (Petite)MahonSabotage7Rampage1
2081Sat, Mar. 2214:3015:40U14 (Tween)MahonU14 Edge6U14 Extreme11
2083Sat, Mar. 2217:2018:30Pool 5MahonOpen A (2 vs 3)
2084Sat, Mar. 2212:3013:30U12 (Petite)Emerald ParkBP Black Phantoms8Rings of Fire1
2085Sun, Mar. 2313:3014:25U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 5Ice MonstersBP Zombie Girls
2086Sun, Mar. 2314:2515:20U10 (Novice)Co-op # 5U10 Lightning8Angels8
2087Sun, Mar. 2315:3516:30U14 (Tween)Co-op # 5Rebels8U14 Edge3
2088Sun, Mar. 2316:3017:30Open CCo-op # 5Blitz4Valkyries5
2089Sun, Mar. 2313:4514:45Pool 5Co-op # 4Cyclones8Whip8
2090Sun, Mar. 2315:0016:00Pool 5Co-op # 4U19A RiptU16A Impact
2091Sun, Mar. 2316:1517:45Pool 5Co-op # 4 (Open A GOLD)Jetts3Blackouts1
2092Sun, Mar. 238:009:00U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 4HornetsIce Pirates
2093Sun, Mar. 239:1510:20U8 (Bunny)Co-op # 4BlazeRocket Girls
2095Sun, Mar. 2311:5513:00Open CCo-op # 4Raiders3Shooters9
2096Sun, Mar. 2314:3015:30U10 (Novice)Emerald ParkBP Black Phantoms9Force11
2097Sun, Mar. 2315:4516:45U12 (Petite)Emerald ParkBP Red Phantoms4Sabotage4
2098Sun, Mar. 2316:4517:45U14 (Tween)Emerald ParkBP Red Phantoms4Inferno6
2099Sun, Mar. 2318:0019:00Pool 5Emerald ParkU16 Phantoms3Booya7
2100Sun, Mar. 2319:0020:00Pool 5Emerald ParkU19 Phantoms8Kaos2
2101Sun, Mar. 2320:1521:15Open CEmerald Park18+ Extreme6Misfits4
2102Mon, Mar. 2419:1520:15U8 (Bunny)Pilot ButteBP LightningStars
2103Mon, Mar. 2420:1521:15Pool 5Pilot ButteHellraisers618+ Edge4
2104Mon, Mar. 2421:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries3Pumas5
2105Tue, Mar. 2517:4519:00U12 (Petite)Co-op # 4BP Black Phantoms9BP Red Phantoms2
2106Tue, Mar. 2519:1520:30U12 (Petite)Co-op # 4Sabotage2Lunastix6
2107Tue, Mar. 2520:4522:00Open CCo-op # 4Pumas18+ Extreme
2108Tue, Mar. 2518:0019:15U14 (Tween)Co-op # 3Inferno5Rebels4
2109Tue, Mar. 2519:3020:45U14 (Tween)Co-op # 3U14 Extreme7BP Black Phantoms4
2110Tue, Mar. 2521:0022:15Pool 5Co-op # 3 (U16 2nd vs 3rd)Cyclones5Whip4
2111Tue, Mar. 2518:1519:15U8 (Bunny)BalgonieBP DivasIce Pirates
2112Tue, Mar. 2519:1520:15U8 (Bunny)BalgonieBP LightningBP Zombie Girls
2113Wed, Mar. 2618:0019:00U8 (Bunny)Co-op #4Rocket GirlsThumpers
2114Wed, Mar. 2619:1520:30Pool 5Co-op #4 (U16 1st vs 4th)Booya4U16 Phantoms3
2115Wed, Mar. 2620:4522:00Open CCo-op #4Shooters2Blitz3
2116Thu, Mar. 2717:4519:00U10 (Novice)Co-op # 4Force8Angels1
2117Thu, Mar. 2719:1520:30U10 (Novice)Co-op # 4BP Red PhantomsBP Black Phantoms
2118Thu, Mar. 2720:4522:00Pool 5Co-op # 4Blades3U19 Phantoms5
2119Thu, Mar. 2718:1519:15U8 (Bunny)Pilot ButteBP BlastersBlaze
2120Thu, Mar. 2719:1520:15U8 (Bunny)Pilot ButteBP Zombie GirlsHornets
2121Sat, Mar. 2912:3013:30U8 (Bunny)Emerald ParkBP DivasStars
2122Sat, Mar. 298:309:45U10 (Novice)Co-op # 2 (Bronze Final)Angels4BP Red Phantoms11
2123Sat, Mar. 2910:0011:15U12 (Petite)Co-op # 2 (Bronze Final)BP Red Phantoms5Sabotage9
2124Sat, Mar. 2911:3013:00U14 (Tween)Co-op # 2 (Bronze Final)Rebels6BP Black Phantoms4
2125Sat, Mar. 2913:1514:45Pool 5Co-op # 2 (U16 Bronze Final)U16 Phantoms7Whip6
2126Sat, Mar. 2915:0016:30Pool 5Co-op # 2 (U19 Bronze 2nd vs 3rd)Kaos2Blades4
2127Sat, Mar. 2916:4518:15Open CCo-op # 2 (Bronze Final)Pumas5Shooters6
2128Sat, Mar. 2918:3020:30Coach GameCo-op # 2
2129Sun, Mar. 308:309:45U10 (Novice)Co-op # 2 (Gold Final)Force9BP Black Phantoms4
2130Sun, Mar. 3010:0011:15U12 (Petite)Co-op # 2 (Gold Final)BP Black Phantoms8Lunastix3
2131Sun, Mar. 3011:3013:00U14 (Tween)Co-op # 2 (Gold Final)Inferno6U14 Extreme3
2132Sun, Mar. 3013:1514:45Pool 5Co-op # 2 (U16 Gold Final)Cyclones9Booya4
2133Sun, Mar. 3015:0016:30Pool 5Co-op # 2 (Gold Final)U19 Phantoms8Blades4
2134Sun, Mar. 3016:4518:15Open CCo-op # 2 (Gold Final)18+ Extreme6Blitz5
2135Sun, Mar. 3018:3020:30Pool 5Co-op # 2Open B Gold Final
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