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U12 Petite Playoff Schedule

Always check with your coach or manager for game changes and most up to date schedules.
Questions for the Scheduler can be sent to

U8 Bunny U10 Novice U12 Petite U14 Tween U16/U19/18+A/B Open C
  U10 Green Pool U12 White Pool U14 Pink Pool U16 Pool Open C Pool A
  U10 Yellow Pool U12 Black Pool U14 Purple Pool U19 Pool Open C Pool B
        Open A Pool  
# Date Time End Division Rink Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
2006Wed, Mar. 1219:4520:45U12 (Petite)KinsmenRampage3Vipers2
2019Sat, Mar. 159:1510:20U12 (Petite)HamiltonCrusherss2BP Black Phantoms9
2038Sun, Mar. 1610:3511:40U12 (Petite)MahonSabotage7Vipers6
2043Sun, Mar. 1611:5513:00U12 (Petite)KinsmenRings of Fire1Crusherss1
2045Sun, Mar. 1616:4517:45U12 (Petite)Emerald ParkBP Red Phantoms7Rampage5
2060Tue, Mar. 1818:1519:15U12 (Petite)BalgonieBP Black Phantoms5Lunastix1
2062Wed, Mar. 1918:0018:55U12 (Petite)HamiltonVipers8BP Red Phantoms7
2067Thu, Mar. 2018:4019:35U12 (Petite)Co-op # 4Lunastix9Crusherss4
2073Fri, Mar. 2118:4019:35U12 (Petite)StaplesLunastix9Rings of Fire2
2080Sat, Mar. 2213:1514:15U12 (Petite)MahonSabotage7Rampage1
2084Sat, Mar. 2212:3013:30U12 (Petite)Emerald ParkBP Black Phantoms8Rings of Fire1
2097Sun, Mar. 2315:4516:45U12 (Petite)Emerald ParkBP Red Phantoms4Sabotage4
2105Tue, Mar. 2517:4519:00U12 (Petite)Co-op # 4BP Black Phantoms9BP Red Phantoms2
2106Tue, Mar. 2519:1520:30U12 (Petite)Co-op # 4Sabotage2Lunastix6
2123Sat, Mar. 2910:0011:15U12 (Petite)Co-op # 2 (Bronze Final)BP Red Phantoms5Sabotage9
2130Sun, Mar. 3010:0011:15U12 (Petite)Co-op # 2 (Gold Final)BP Black Phantoms8Lunastix3
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