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Open C Master Schedule

Always check with your coach or manager for game changes and most up to date schedules.
Questions for the Scheduler can be sent to

U8 Bunny U10 Novice U12 Petite U14 Tween U16/U19/18+A/B Open C
# Date Time End Division Rink Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
10Thu, Oct 1720:3021:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries418+ Extreme5
31Mon, Oct 2121:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ ExtremeValkyries
40Tue, Oct 2221:1522:15Open CRMP #3Shooters9Misfits4
59Sun, Oct 2710:4512:00Open CMahonMisfits5Raiders4
67Sun, Oct 2716:4517:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Blitz6Pumas1
69Mon, Oct 2821:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ Extreme1Blitz2
73Tue, Oct 2921:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Pumas4Valkyries4
77Tue, Oct 2921:1522:15Open CRMP #3Raiders3Shooters6
90Sat, Nov 214:1015:05Open CMahonShooters5Blitz5
91Sat, Nov 215:2016:15Open CMahonRaiders2Misfits4
105Mon, Nov 421:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries8Misfits6
111Tue, Nov 521:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Blitz418+ Extreme1
118Wed, Nov 621:0022:00Open CHamiltonPumas9Raiders4
130Sat, Nov 914:1015:05Open CMahonBlitz5Raiders4
131Sat, Nov 915:2016:15Open CMahonPumas2Shooters9
142Mon, Nov 1121:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries0Blitz2
153Thu, Nov 1421:0022:00Open CRe/Max #2Raiders4Pumas9
167Sun, Nov 1720:1521:15Open CEmerald ParkValkyries3Shooters5
170Mon, Nov 1821:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ Extreme4Pumas5
174Fri, Nov 2220:0021:00Open CKinsmenBlitz8Misfits3
180Sat, Nov 2314:1015:05Open CMahonRaiders3Valkyries2
181Sat, Nov 2315:2016:15Open CMahonMisfits618+ Extreme12
186Mon, Nov 2521:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ Extreme6Shooters6
205Sat, Nov 3021:1522:15Open CStaplesRaiders0Blitz6
214Sun, Dec 115:5016:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Shooters418+ Extreme3
218Mon, Dec 221:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries4Pumas6
233Sat, Dec 717:3018:30Open CMahonPumas4Misfits7
235Sun, Dec 814:2515:20Open CDQ #5Pumas3Blitz4
236Sun, Dec 815:3516:30Open CDQ #5Shooters8Valkyries1
248Tue, Dec 1020:1521:15Open CRMP #3Raiders18+ Extreme
249Tue, Dec 1021:1522:15Open CRMP #3Misfits5Pumas5
258Sat, Dec 1415:2016:15Open CMahonBlitz3Shooters3
272Sun, Dec 1516:4517:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Misfits3Blitz5
275Mon, Dec 1621:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyriesRaiders
281Tue, Dec 1721:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Pumas418+ Extreme3
284Tue, Dec 1721:1522:15Open CRMP #3Misfits6Shooters6
294Sat, Dec 2113:1514:10Open CMahonMisfits3Valkyries3
295Sat, Dec 2114:1015:05Open CMahonShooters8Pumas7
312Mon, Dec 2321:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ Extreme3Raiders3
317Sat, Dec 2814:1015:05Open CMahonBlitz3Valkyries4
318Sat, Dec 2815:2016:15Open CMahonShooters6Raiders1
333Mon, Dec 3021:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ Extreme0Misfits7
1011Mon, Jan 620:1521:15Open CPilot ButteValkyries4Raiders2
1012Mon, Jan 621:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ ExtremePumas
1028Thu, Jan 921:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Misfits3Blitz6
1044Sun, Jan 1215:3516:30Open CDQ #5Shooters6Blitz5
1045Sun, Jan 1216:3017:30Open CDQ #5Pumas6Raiders2
1051Mon, Jan 1321:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries7Misfits2
1066Thu, Jan 1621:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Misfits7Shooters5
1071Sat, Jan 1817:3018:30Open CMahonKaos2Blitz5
1080Sun, Jan 1916:4517:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Raiders18+ Extreme
1084Mon, Jan 2021:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries3Pumas5
1090Tue, Jan 2121:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Blitz318+ Extreme4
1111Sun, Jan 2615:3516:30Open CDQ #5Blitz4Pumas1
1112Sun, Jan 2616:3017:30Open CDQ #5Shooters8Raiders1
1130Tue, Jan 2821:1522:15Open CRMP #3Pumas4Misfits8
1134Wed, Jan 2921:0022:00Open CHamiltonRaiders0Blitz4
1137Thu, Jan 3020:0021:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Shooters8Valkyries5
1140Thu, Jan 3019:1520:15Open CPilot Butte18+ Extreme6Misfits3
1141Sun, Feb 220:1521:15Open CEmerald ParkValkyries118+ Extreme8
1143Mon, Feb 320:1521:15Open CPilot ButteU19 Phantoms8Shooters7
1157Thu, Feb 620:0021:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Raiders6Blades8
1167Sat, Feb 815:2016:15Open CMahonMisfits4Raiders3
1175Sun, Feb 915:5016:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Blitz4Valkyries2
1176Sun, Feb 916:4517:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Pumas718+ Extreme0
1194Wed, Feb 1221:0022:00Open CHamiltonBlitz5Misfits7
1198Thu, Feb 1321:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Pumas4Shooters4
1212Sun, Feb 1615:5016:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Shooters10Misfits7
1213Sun, Feb 1616:4517:45Open CPrairie Mobile #4Raiders5Valkyries1
1216Mon, Feb 1720:1521:15Open CPilot Butte18+ ExtremeRaiders
1226Tue, Feb 1820:1521:15Open CRMP #3Pumas3Blitz2
1227Tue, Feb 1821:1522:15Open CRMP #3Shooters418+ Extreme6
1231Thu, Feb 2021:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Misfits6Valkyries4
1240Sat, Feb 2217:3018:30Open CMahonBlitz1Shooters5
1256Mon, Feb 2421:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ ExtremeValkyries
1258Tue, Feb 2519:1520:15Open CBalgonie18+ Extreme2Blitz1
1261Tue, Feb 2520:0021:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Misfits7U19 Phantoms11
1262Tue, Feb 2521:0022:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Raiders4Pumas5
1269Thu, Feb 2720:0021:00Open CPrairie Mobile #4Blades18+ Extreme
1281Tue, Mar 419:1520:15Open CBalgonieValkyries9Shooters4
1289Tue, Mar 421:1522:15Open CRMP #3Raiders2Misfits5
1293Wed, Mar 521:0022:00Open CHamiltonShooters7Pumas5
1311Sun, Mar 916:3017:30Open CDQ #5Misfits6Pumas6
1322Mon, Mar 1020:1521:15Open CPilot ButteValkyries4Kaos4
1323Mon, Mar 1021:3022:30Open CPilot Butte18+ ExtremeShooters
1332Tue, Mar 1120:1521:15Open CRMP #3Pumas3Valkyries6
1333Tue, Mar 1121:1522:15Open CRMP #3Blitz7Raiders1
2011Thu, Mar. 1321:0022:00Open CCo-op # 4Blitz5Valkyries1
2016Fri, Mar. 1419:4520:45Open CKinsmen18+ Extreme9Raiders2
2025Sat, Mar. 1516:1517:10Open CMahonShooters13Misfits7
2034Sun, Mar. 1615:5016:45Open CCo-op # 4Shooters918+ Extreme7
2051Mon, Mar. 1721:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries3Pumas3
2054Tue, Mar. 1819:5020:45Open CCo-op # 4Pumas4Blitz3
2059Tue, Mar. 1821:0022:00Open CCo-op # 3Misfits7Raiders2
2079Sat, Mar. 2211:5513:00Open CHamiltonPumas2Blitz4
2088Sun, Mar. 2316:3017:30Open CCo-op # 5Blitz4Valkyries5
2095Sun, Mar. 2311:5513:00Open CCo-op # 4Raiders3Shooters9
2101Sun, Mar. 2320:1521:15Open CEmerald Park18+ Extreme6Misfits4
2104Mon, Mar. 2421:3022:30Open CPilot ButteValkyries3Pumas5
2107Tue, Mar. 2520:4522:00Open CCo-op # 4Pumas18+ Extreme
2115Wed, Mar. 2620:4522:00Open CCo-op #4Shooters2Blitz3
2127Sat, Mar. 2916:4518:15Open CCo-op # 2 (Bronze Final)Pumas5Shooters6
2134Sun, Mar. 3016:4518:15Open CCo-op # 2 (Gold Final)18+ Extreme6Blitz5
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